Northview Elementary

Northview Elementary Programs

Northview Elementary is proud to provide a variety of specialized programs to suit the variety of needs held within the student body. From fine arts to reading, we have paths for each child to pursue as they develop their own personal interests.

Gifted Talented

To students who demonstrate an earnest desire to excel within the curriculum at Northview Elementary, we offer a Gifted and Talented program. This program works to offer constructive challenges to students as well as instill academic confidence. To find out more about our Gifted and Talented program, please contact us.

Accelerated Reading Program

The benefits of reading include reducing stress, enhancing memory, improving writing skills, and elevating intelligence, so it’s no wonder that at Northview Elementary, we love to see students develop a passion for reading. We have designed the Accelerated Reader Program as a way to keep students uninhibited and thriving within their reading pursuits. Please contact us for more information about how your child can benefit from our Accelerated Reader Program. A link to your child’s log-in is available in the Quick Links section of our Home page.

Fine Arts

Studying music at an early age helps to develop the brain in all areas of language and reasoning. At Northview, we think this is an advantage your child cannot miss out on, so we have developed a fine arts program that enhances our students’ education in all areas of learning. By concentrating on arts and music, your child learns to think creatively, solve problems more effectively, work as a team, and more. Contact us to learn more about what we have in store for your child in Fine Arts.