Northview Elementary

Our School

In cooperation with families and the community, the staff at Northview is committed to students showing growth toward mastery of state standards. The staff is dedicated to the attainment of learning by using the best educational practices and enjoyable educational activities.

As a learning community, we have developed the following vision statements, which we strive to adhere to in all aspects of your child’s education.

  • To have a safe and clean school
  • To have students wanting to read and learning for a lifetime
  • To have students really enjoying school
  • To have a school where each student reaches his/her potential
  • To have a school in which everyone feels welcome and important
  • To have educators who are current in the field of professional education
  • To have students, parents, and educators motivated toward improving student achievement and state standards
  • To have a school with open communication
  • To have a school which promotes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking
  • To have a school where everyone is treated with kindness and respect

We are proud to provide a learning environment that seeks your child’s best interests, and we look forward to welcoming him or her into the Northview Elementary School family!